Abigail’s Heart

Amish… in Colorado?

It’s true!

There are Amish settlements in Colorado.

Since I live in Colorado, once I decided to write an Amish Romance, I was drawn towards researching the Colorado settlements.


I have yet to visit one…

but I really want to.

I will be sure to let you all know how that feels and what I see, once I venture out and complete that mission!

For now, let me tell you about my new series,  Amish Romance in the West.

The first book in the Amish Romance in the West series, “Abigail’s Heart” has been a wonderful first step in the series!

“Abigail’s Heart” was a fantastically fun book to write.

I didn’t know who Abby was until I started writing…

But then she jumped off of the page!

Abby is an athlete at heart. She loves the outdoors, just like I do. I couldn’t have picked a better character for the first book of the Amish in the West series. She embodies Colorado — its vast ever changing skies and relentless peaks. She is larger than life, up for challenges, and rugged in her own way. She would make the frontier women of the old west proud with her excited, curious characteristics.

I loved placing Abby in Colorado, with her childhood friend, Sam. Sam is her brother’s best friend.

If you want to read Abby and Sam’s story, you can find “Amish Romance: Abigail’s Heart” on Amazon.


I hope that you enjoy, and please do let me know what you think:)


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