Mary’s Prayer

I am excited to share that I am working on the next book in my Amish in the West series!

Did you read the first book? I don’t want to spoil it, in case you have not…

So I won’t give away too much here. But I do feel that I can reveal that book number two focuses on Mary, a girl who was, funny enough, barely mentioned in book 1.

What? I can feel your annoyance from here. Goodness! I am glad you kept reading, because before you throw cyber rotten tomatoes my way, let me explain…

Though Mary’s name only came into the story once or twice (near the end), she was a character that caught my attention.

Why did Eli fall for her, so hard and fast?

Wasn’t he confused, after Abigail — well, ahem — I’m catching myself again. You’ll have to read the story. But I feel that he must have been confused after certain events happened, and then he turned right around and got married! How did it happen?

That’s what I wanted to explore.

Mary is a character who, at the beginning of the story, is very distant from God. Over the course of the book, she explores prayer and connection.

Therefor…we have the title: “Mary’s Prayer”!

Here’s the cover image. My thanks go out to Melody Simmons for creating it.


How do you like it? I can sense the heartache that she feels. I just love the emotion that the image conveys.

Well, back to writing!

I’ll leave you with a wonderful passage that I’ve just decided to include for one of the chapter headings (I am still deciding exactly where, but I know it’s got to be in there!):

“Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.” – Psalm 56:8

Thanks for reading,


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