Yesterday, I took something very personally. I was offended, until I thought about it a bit more. Then I had a realization…

It all started with my morning Bible reading.

This was my morning contemplation from the Bible, yesterday morning:

“May the Lord God grant you your heart’s desire, and fulfill all your plans.
May we shout for joy over your victory, and in the name of our God set up our banners.
May the Lord fulfill all you petitions.”
Psalm 20:4-5

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I was leaving the house after I read this verse and sat with it for a while, heading out on a walk, when my neighbor drove by.

My car has a little dent on the back of it. It looks like a dimple on a baby’s bottom– that is what it reminds me of! Really! It is just so cute.

I actually don’t know where that little dent came from, but I like the way it looks on my car.

My neighbor slowed down and pointed to my bumper. He drives quite a slick red sports car, and I can imagine that he likes cars. He pointed to my bumper. “What happened?” he asked.

“I have no idea,” I answered. “I think that has been there for a while.”

“You know, I had the something happen to me the other day,” he said. “I was parked down at the bottom of the hill while I went for a bike ride, and when I returned to my car there was a dent in the back!”

“Oh!” I said.

“I was driving home, thinking about it, when all of a sudden I noticed something on my dashboard. It was fluttering around in the wind. I stopped, and it was a note!” He was full of glee as he recounted this, as if he was remembering his surprise and delight at finding the note on his windshield that day. He went on to say that the note was from the person who bumped into his car, and when he called them they lined everything up and paid for the repair of the dent.

My neighbor pointed up to the sky. “That was all This Guy,” he said, smiling. “He really takes care of me!”

We said our goodbyes, and he drove off. I wondered what he meant.

At first, I was offended. Can you believe it? What an odd response! I watched myself react in that way to such a wonderful statement of faith. As I walked, I really looked at what I was thinking.

Does he mean that God loves him and takes care of him, but since I have a dent in my car God isn’t taking care of me in the same way? Does he mean that he is in some way a better believer than I am? That he has figured out something that I have not?

My thoughts wandered aimlessly to all of the things in my life that could be seen as God not taking care of me. I also thought about a woman that I often talk about spirituality with, and thought about her son’s recent diagnosis of cancer. Does this mean that God is not taking care of her?

I thought, that couldn’t be. It was easier to see that of course God loves my friend with all of His Love, than it was to see that of course He Loves me with all of his love. But once I saw that of course He Loves my friend, as he loves all of His Children, then I could see that I was not an exception. He Loves me. I am a child of God.

It seems to me that each of us has a relationship with the Divine, and He will speak to our hearts in ways that we understand. The Holy Spirit will infuse our lives with signs of Love, and we need only watch for them, as my neighbor was. My neighbor, an appreciator of the bodies of cars, could receive a sign of love and support through body work on his car.

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Myself, a very accepting car owner (yes, I love my car– she gets me from point A to point B… but I love her, dents and wrinkles and all), would not see the signs of God’s Love through work done on my car.

I thought about the ways that the Holy Spirit could speak to me, through the reflections of God that I see all around me. How do Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God infuse my life with Love? I can see it only when I look.

When I look, I see the home that I live in. It is on a hilltop, close to the stars. I see mountians outside of my front door. I see the sun come up and the sun set over them. I see the sky change color. My husband gives me a sense of safety and love and I can see the way God is working in our relationship, even when we are faced with challenging emotions. I see the way my family accepts me, and I see the way my connections with my family have changed over the years. I can give that to God also. I see the way I have rich honey to put in my tea, and a beautiful salad with pumkin seeds and cranberries in it waiting for me, for lunch. I see little signs and symbols of love all around me.

I am a child of God. I am cared for and loved, in every possible way. I have everything I need. It is all because of God. I give all of this sense of victory to Him, who gave me these victories. In the name of God, I can see these successes and attribute them to His work!

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You are a child of God. How is God working in your life? Is He working in a way that is perfectly unique to you? Have you seen it lately?

I would love to hear your story.



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