Ruthie’s Surprise

Well, I published Ruthie’s Surprise last month, and somehow failed to put up a post about it here on my website! Ruthie’s story is still teaching me lessons about how good God is. Through Ruthie, I learned that God sees my mistakes, and forgives me. God loves me, as He loves all of His children.

Please enjoy “Ruthie’s Surprise“. I would love to hear your responses to the story of destiny, God’s Will, and intuition. Sometimes, for me, it has felt difficult to trust the personal and unique guidance that I receive. It can be hard to ‘rock the boat’ and follow your guidance when it is so different from the path that would logically make sense. But the whisper on my heart can become so strong that it seems impossible not to follow it! This is exactly what happens to Ruthie in this story. She feels that whisper on her heart that we have all felt before.

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